Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Photo Of The Day

This is a mother in Israel shielding her child with her own body during a savage rocket attack.

The rockets are a copy of the BM-40 artillery rocket originally deployed by the Soviet Army. Another band of savages serving in the cause of Communism.

Why does the mainstream establishment willfully blind themselves to the truth?

The origin of the doctrine of Islam is nothing more than the expression of the depravity of a predatory savage. It is overt nihilism posturing as righteousness. Islam is nothing less than a doctrine of human annihilation.

But, say some defenders of Islam, it is a religion, we can't criticize it or even interfere in any degree in the practice.


The first thing I was taught when I entered infantry basic training at Fort Benning in the spring of 1982 was that "the maximum effective range of an excuse is zero."

Acceptance of the facts is a fundamental necessity in the combat environment. Indulgence in a fantasy gets someone needlessly killed.

Innocent people are dying because the mainstream establishment won't understand and accept a fundamental truth.

Islam is Death.

And Islam is completely outside the bounds of civilized toleration.

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Richard said...

One only need read Surah 2 of the Quran to see Islam's fundamental belief in dominating all of humanity, killing of opponents, its anti-Semitism, misogyny, and ghastly contradictions. Of the latter: Allah himself hardens the hearts of infidels against him. Then only a few verses later, requires that they be killed for not submitting to Him. The insanity is blatant.

After Surah (chapter) 2, there can be nothing in subsequent chapters that could redeem the Quranic word of Allah, unless it somehow condemned the book itself and Allah himself.