Friday, August 10, 2012

Rant Of The Day

An African American Asshole is arrested for being an asshole:

Romayne Davis surrendered at the Broward Main Jail on a single charge of unauthorized transmission and interference with a public radio station. He disrupted the soothing sounds of classical radio station 89.7 FM with the unexpected beats of rap music, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Detectives launched an investigation after receiving a complaint from a listener of WKCP Classical South Florida. Instead of hearing the usual symphonies and sonatas, the station's airwaves were blaring with the sounds of rap music and "vulgar speech and lyrics," officials said.

Investigators found a warehouse on the 3000 block of Northwest 23rd Way in Oakland Park on July 12 where the illegal pirate radio station was broadcasting.

Let's see, someone comes home from their place of employment after doing a day of actual productive work, and turns on their radio with the reasonable expectation of listening to some real music made by real musicians who spent most of their lives leaning their real trade.

Only instead of listening to real music the victim is hit with a barrage of incoherent and obscene noise generated by one or more no-talent nihilists.

Under such circumstances one may be tempted to think, "rope, lamp post, asshole, some assembly required."

But some liberal twits will, of course, accuse one of being a racist for thinking such a thought. But then the idea that one should be able to live one's own life in accordance to one's own judgement is such an alien idea to a liberal that is may as well come from the planet Mars.

Liberal's are, after all, nothing more than a bunch of parasites themselves. Without the capacity to force their will upon us, through the police agencies, they would shrivel up and die. So in order to live at our expense they have to teach their victims to accept the state of submission, regardless of the consequences.

So it should not be a surprise that this asshole acted to emulate his liberal masters and impose his will on some radio listeners.

Now of course I wouldn't be surprised if the asshole formerly known as Doug Graen wanders in and accuses me of being a hypocrite. Pay absolutely no attention to the Glock 36 pistol and the concealed carry permit the "she" carries while openly supporting the present occupant of the White House and his agenda of disarming, subjugating, and plundering the productive people of this nation.

Is it hypocrisy when the choice to make me a dependent of the welfare state was made by my mother while I was laying unconscious on a hospital bed? And if Doug actually thought about it (Thought! What an alien concept!) "she" would see that suicide is not a solution to the ethical problem that I found myself in. It would only leave a larger mess for someone else to clean up.

Leaving the ethical hole that I'm in is not impossible. And I will do it.

But returning to the subject of this rant, I did give some thought to writing on the subject of the noise commonly known as "Rap." And I came to the conclusion at the time that it wasn't worth the effort.

I did perform some research on the subject. I found a a video, for something called "Ice, Ice, Baby," on You Tube by a soulless no-talent nobody from South Florida who adopted the trade name of "Vanilla Ice."

I listened it it for 42 seconds before shutting it off. Seriously, Yoko Ono has more talent than this moron. I would rather listen to one of her albums (from the late Sixties or early Seventies on the Apple Records label) than be further subjected to the noise generated by a rapper.

This moron starts off by literally ripping off the bass riff from the beginning of the Queen/David Bowie song "Under Pressure."


He apparently couldn't be bothered to actually hire someone to play the bass riff. I suppose that would actually require someone with actual talent to perform the act.

And then the moron walks onto screen wearing an absurd costume and an absurd haircut.


I suppose because someone told him that the image that he projected was cool. Whereas anyone with functioning neurons in their head would laugh their ass off or shake their heads in disbelief at the image of this moron.

And then this moron opens his mouth.

This moron drones on in a monotone voice about how wonderful he is. He is followed by his entourage who also mumble about how wonderful he is.

At this point I shut off the video.

To flush away the mental residue of that talentless nothing I repeatedly played a live concert video of a band with actual talent.

These gentlemen perform with actual power and passion. They actually work at it.

And there's a reason that you way not recognize the instrument that guitarist Brian May is playing. It's because he designed and built it himself.

That takes real talent and effort.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love pirate radio, giving the finger to the unconstitutional and immoral FCC and the collectivist premise behind "public ownership" of airwaves which chains together all broadcasters into one leash.

Pirate radio? Yee-freaking-ha. How do you fck THAT up?

Of course: be a worthless n-word [c]rapper intruding on someone else's hard-earned "license".

Idiots can't even do the right thing right.