Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Suggestion

The mortal remains of the late Amy Winehouse (whose auditory output was never emitted from any radio station that I listen to) should be stuffed, mounted, and placed on display as an example of how not to live. Growing little girls should be horrified at the sight of what that appallingly stupid female did to herself. If anything the premature demise of this stupid tattooed skank should show a clear connection between aesthetic and moral standards, and why such standards are necessary.

Tattooing, especially on a female, is a form of mutilation. There is simply no excuse for it. Tattooing is simply ugly and is very much a clear indication that the person is not practicing reason as a way of life.

And do I need to rant on about drug use?

Yes, I'm being an insensitive bastard, live with it.



Anonymous said...

I don't know why people fuck themselves up as badly as she did, and I stopped caring long ago. If you want self-destruction, go for it.

She had her good points too. She was fairly talented, she brought in a new form of old jazz, and some years ago basically told the rest of us to fuck off and mind our own business.

Got to give her points for that.

A slut-tatt above a girl's ass or on her ankle is a good thing.


Leslie Bates said...

I really have to disagree with you on the tattoo thing there.

SFC Steven M. Barry USA RET said...

"[R]eason as a way of life, " is ambiguous.

Do you mean (1) reason as a cause, (2) reason as a norm, (3) reason as the absolute nature or definition of being, (4) reason as cognitive power, (5) reason as an act of reasoning, or (6) reason as a name for rational human nature?

Or did you intend either of the terms "reasoning," or "rectitude?"

Anyhow, Winehouse was perfectly selfish. (!)


Leslie Bates said...

Self mutilation and self poisoning is selfish? Is good health not a rational value? Is a clearly functioning conscious mind not a value? Is identifying things as they are not a necessary process?

Why not all six conditions?

SFC Steven M. Barry USA RET said...

Dic ad rem.


Leslie Bates said...

Okay Steve, I'll admit that I was a damned fool to not attend college, let alone take any of the necessary prep classes in high school.*

What did you just say?

*I did sign up and pay for a drawing class at the U of M, but it was "taught" by a practitioner of the scrap metal and welding torch school of sculpture who was only a page or two ahead in the text book. I knew more about drawing than he did. I did not finish the class.

SFC Steven M. Barry USA RET said...

Sorry. How one hits "m" when one intends "s..." (?)

It should have read, "Dic ad res."

It means, "Speak to the point!"

You changed the argument by adding another (ambiguous) term, "value."

How is the term "value" meant? Metaphysically, ethically, or as a property? Or did you mean the term as an exchange, intrinsic, or use value?

Leslie Bates said...

I usually think in terms of moral values. But I think that Winehouse goes into what Rand used to the sense of life. In this case Winehouse had adopted self-destruction as both a moral and aesthetic paradigm. She destroyed her body with substance abuse and she made herself appear hideous.

(Seriously, soap, water, long sleeves (with an appointment to have those tattoos lasered off) and a competent hairdresser (like the lady I usually go to) would have done wonders for her. And an appointment at what we used to call St. Mary Blue would be nice too. (My cab company has the account.)

Leslie Bates said...

Finally getting to the point, reason as a way of life.