Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thought for the Day

Central to the practice of socialized health care as with the socialization of every other field of endeavor is the legal and moral reduction of the care givers, the doctors and nurses and other staff, to the status of domestic animals. As the actual experience of socialization has shown this will result in the early retirement (and other forms of departure) of many practitioners and the discouragement of those who where thinking of entering the field.

The actual long term result of the socialization of medicine will not be the improvement of our standard of living, it will of course be the opposite, with the addition of the needless deaths of people who would have been saved and returned to health under the present system. One only has to look at the practice of socialized medicine in Europe. Most of the horror stories about "Euro-Care" could be summarized in the phrase: Take two aspirin and drop dead in the morning. (And in full blown Marxist states you won't even get the aspirin.)

Instead of being the saviors that they present themselves as, the socializers will in fact, as usual, be committing murder through an indirect process.

How much longer must we put up with this nonsense?

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