Friday, March 30, 2007

Found This In My Mail

I'm a subscriber to a mailing list that covers the subject of old Soviet movie cameras. This morning I found this message from that list in my mailbox:

Twenty years ago the same people who are now crying global warming got cover stories on the same magazines with gobal cooling-- simply because their time sample is too short. What they are doing amounts to prediciting the entire year's weather based on what things were like for the last two weeks.

I'm sorry you feel you are being "bullied," but having been trained in and working with structural demolition for the US military when I was younger, and having an engineering background, I well understand what is written and called "scientific evidence" about the buildings in 9/11 well enough to know it isn't either scientific or evidence.

Pose wild questions if you want, but having blown up a few buildings, under controlled circumstances, while filming them, I know the kinds, types, and amounts of explosives needed to drop a steel structure, and the time and prep needed. That's why the structural engineers and demolitions people admit that what happened is outside their experience, but that they know it was not imploded by plan.

"What you see" on a video may not really reflect what is happening, and much of demolitions is based on testing, trial and error, because things happen that do not seem logical, and even when filmed don't seem to match what we know we set up, what we did, and the amounts of material used.

I've supervised a crew shooting 2000fps+ of explosive tests on steel beams, and at the same time the event was also shot at 24fps-- I know it was the same event, but things happened and went away between frames on the 24fps that were vital to understanding what happened, and that were only recorded in part at 2000fps.

This forum should stick to a broad base of motion picture, and more narrowly to ex-Soviet cameras, but I can't let the global warming and we blew it up bit pass without calling it what it is.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

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