Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thought for the Day

Anyone who believes that tyrannicide is murder may not be part of the problem of tyranny, but that is certainly the way to bet.


Mark said...

Those with advanced BDS are practically foaming at the mouth over the fact that a genocidal facist has been removed from the gene pool.

Of course, those folks are so far removed from the shared reality of rational adults, that they wouldn't know an actual facist even if one had their jackboot on their throat.

Leslie Bates said...

One of the points that Ayn Rand made when she wrote ATLAS SHRUGGED was that when a threat is made against one's job (or other form of material support) it is in effect a threat against one's life.

As I point out in the previous post the parasite cannot live in a society where social and economic relationships are based on consent. Liberty IS death to them. The parasite needs to compel the productive to support them. For them, power is life.

So when someone knocks off a dictatorship and hangs the dictator they are bound to respond as if they were to be the next victim.