Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Logic and Liberals don't often mix...

Take a look at two responses to a post on my blog concerning Islamofacist terrorist Al-Zarqawi shuffling off this mortal coil by way of a pair of US 500 pound bombs.

The first response, predictably one of the standard leftist talking points:
I cheered this news; hope it means we can leave Iraq sooner instead of later.

The same poster later makes the following comment (again, right from the far left list of talking points):
...he was only responsible for about 6 percent of the attacks (defense department figures) and some other piece of shit will take his place soon

Which is it? Either Al-Zarqawi is a major terrorist bad-ass and his death with bring Islamofacist activity in Iraq to a much lower level, thus allowing a sooner withdrawal of US troops or he's minor player only "responsible for about 6 percent of the attacks."

You can't have it both ways and claim to be using rational thought.

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