Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bush hatred still going strong amoung the leftists.

Celestial Junk has a good posting on the subject. Here are some highlights:
I’ve often said on these pages that Bush-hate has reached the level of a mental illness. I was reminded of it a while back while sharing drinks with a group of successful business people. It was a post trade-show relax session, and the bubbly had loosened some tongues.

“That Bush is real scary… did you see him the other day in the news?” Betty stated.

“Yeh!” replied Ted, “I don’t know how they could’ve voted him!”

“My son says that Bush would invade Canada if he could… it’s our oil they want… he even looks like a dictator… the way he walks!” Betty continued to murmurs of agreement all around, “and, did you see his face… no wonder they call him Chimp; he looks like a monkey… I can’t stand that man!”

I sat there and held my tongue… I’ve learned long ago to pick my battles, and this one, with alcohol fueling the debate, would have been a dead-ender. But, I did take a careful summary of who approved of the remarks, and most did. A few like me had that, “these people are too dumb to even bother with,” look on their faces, and one or two effectively changed the topic.

My point for sharing this with you is to demonstrate how pathologic Bush-hatred has become.

He goes on to quote a Pasadena Star article that "makes a strong argument that Bush-hate has now gone far enough to actually endanger American national security."
Would newspapers in the midst of World War II have printed the fact that the United States had broken German and Japanese codes, enabling the enemy to secure its communications? Or revealed how and where Nazi spies were being interrogated? Nowadays, newspapers win Pulitzer Prizes for such disclosures. In Congress and in much of the media, the immediate reaction to news that the National Security Agency was intercepting international terrorist communications was not to say, "Good work - and how can we help?" Rather, it was to scream about a "domestic spying" scandal, as though Richard Nixon were back in the White House and tapping the telephone of Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean.

Charles Krauthammer has a column on Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS)

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