Sunday, April 09, 2006

Meanwhile...Across The Ocean

A good working knowledge of the German language* may be a good thing when travelling in France:

Driver ploughs into Paris protesters

TEN STUDENT protesters were injured yesterday after a Paris motorist, angry that they had blocked a road, drove his car into them.

The driver only escaped following police intervention after his car was overturned and he was dragged out by the demonstrators.

The incident near the Sorbonne University laid bare some of the frustration surrounding the government's new plan for getting more young people working and the opposition of students and unions to the scheme.

On Paris's Left Bank, protesters disrupted traffic by picnicking on a busy boulevard. They were heading away when a frustrated motorist tried to burst through the crowd.

Several dozen youths turned the car over, tried to kick out its windows and began dragging the driver out before police and onlookers intervened.

*Hey, it worked in 1940!


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